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The Aussie Outback & Across the Nullarbor


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You haven't experienced the true Australia if you haven't experienced the outback. We went to get away from it all and returned not wanting to come back...




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We recently moved to a little country town in the outback and love it! This is a country of so many contrasts, which your series of photos carries across really well. Riekie your photos are amazing.

How did you load them onto your post?

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Amazing photos! Trekking through the outback is definitely on my to do list. I don't know why, but I always thought it must be ugly, but as your photos and some others I've seen on the forum clearly show, it really is beautiful. Can't wait :whome:

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How did you load them onto your post?

At the bottom right of the white block you type your text in when you want to post something, is a little "upload station". Click on the "Browse" button to upload a photo from your files. Once you've selected the photo, click on the green "upload" button. Then, click on the dropdown menu next to the "manage current attachments" option and click the + option to load them into your text box. The number in ( ) indicates how many photos you have uploaded for the post and you could + or - to add or remove them. Voila! :ilikeit:

Pragtige foto's Riekie!

Skiet jy deur 'n "polarizer"?

Nee jong, ek skiet sommer so uit die heup! :blush: Ek het nie 'n polarizing filter op my Nikon nie, en het dus nie een gebruik vir hierdie fotos nie. Ek het wel my Pentax (wat my dogter nou gebruik) geleen om die pienk water van McDonald Lake af te neem en dit maak nogal 'n verskil!

Sonder polarizing filter:

Met polarizing filter:


Die polarizing filter het baie voordele, maar ek vind dat dit partykeer die fotos onnatuurlik laat lyk, so ek verkies om sonder hom te neem... Ek dink as mens "arty" wil wees is hy ideaal.

Dankie almal vir die mooi komplimente! Ek is MAL oor fotografie en het altyd my kamera by my - dra selfs 'n "compact" in my handsak saam oral waar ek gaan! As dit lank genoeg stilstaan, dan neem ek dit af!!! He-He!! :holy: As die gogga mens eers gebyt het, dan is dit tickets!!

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