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Getting Part time work


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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about going to Melbourne on a student visa which would allow me to work for 20 hours a week. I would like to know how difficult or easy it is to get a part time job in Melbourne at the moment? According to the information that the University sent me, it would be quite easy to get casual work in a store for $20 an hour. Is that a true reflection of the current market or not really? I will need to work part time to pay my $500 a week living costs. Will I be able to do this or is this unrealistic?

I'm going to study towards a masters degree and am qualified, so I'm thinking of looking for contract work, but will have to rely on casual work until I can get a contract. This will probably be the deciding factor when deciding if I should go now or wait for our 175 to come through.

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I think that you need to bank on the worst case senario...ie perhaps $20.00 per hour. As you can see the job market in Australia has taken a turn for the worse. Basically, any Australian employer is going to farm their contract out to a) An Aussie and some one with Aussie experience

:ilikeit: Those contracts are going to be very competative.

You would be here on a student visa....so 20 hours max a week is what you can work. If your contract requieres more work to bad....most Aussie work to the rule book.

good luck

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SandgroperWA, thanks for the good wishes. I will make sure that I will be able to survive on casual work. :) I do have a bit of a safety blanket, but can't really use it.

Thanks Polly, that eases my mind a bit. :)

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