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Registered Nurse looking for sponsorship


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Hi there

My sister-in-law is a registered nurse looking for sponsorship. She has experience in the pathology and aged care sectors. Unfortunately, she has worked in the pathology area for the last 13 years and it seems the aged care sector is more the field to get sponsorships for. She would like to get back into aged care, but just need someone to sponsor her for such a position as some want regency in experience. Seems anyone can do pathology here - don't need to be a registered nurse like in SA. She is wonderful with old people - anyone for that matter and would be a definite plus for any company and their clients.

If you know of agencies I can try on her behalf or if you have a contact I can mail, please let me know urgently.



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The first step for your sister in law is to get educational transcripts from her place of training.

Next to deceide 457/PR visa as this will impact on her next step.

If 457 need to apply to any of the Nurses Boards in Australia for assessment ( I would personally suggest WA )

If PR need to apply to Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council for skills assessment.

Most employers need to see registration at one of the boards.Please tell your sister in law she also needs to pay South African Nursing Council to send verification of current registration to the board .lots of jobs for registered nurses. Some employers even offer relocation expense. If you need more info you can PM me or better yet ask your sister in law to join the forum there r a lot of nurses on the forum.

from louise

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