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Advice re living in Bentleigh East in Melbourne


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Hi all Melbournians or aspiring Melbournians,

We are migrating to Melbourne in Dec 2007 and during our LSD in Dec 2005 visited a few nice suburbs in Melbourne East.

One of them was Bentleigh East - a suburb of the Glen Eira City council - and we just wondered if anyone lives in this suburb?

We found this suburb pleasant, close to all the necessary amenities, transport and the schools in the area were aslo good.Also its not far from the city.

Any input re this area is most welcome.



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Dear Gavin,

Have a look at Where to live in Melbourne? Mara will be able to give you some information, as she stays in Melbourne.

Mara, over to you!



Hi there Pippa

Thanks for the reply and nice to meet you



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Hi Gavin

Bentleigh East is an old established area, you are quite right, it is also fairly close to the city.

House prices to purchase is an average of around $450,000 to $700,00. There are a few under the $450,000 mark, however, not too many. In rental properties you are looking at $350 to $450 per week for a 3-bedroomed home, unfortunately most only have one garage.

I have no idea of the quality of the schools, but I am sure you have done your homework.

As I have no idea of your financial circumstances, please do not take exception to my following comment. This is just a general comment and not at all based on your choice of Bentleigh East.

I have always suggested to people that they seek to rent initially in an area where they can afford to buy, especially if they have school going children. You do not want to uproot your children, say after a year or two, and move them to another part of town, because you have purchased a home there. They would then once again have to leave everything that is familiar to them, schools and friends.

Also very important in making your decision is where you are going to work, if you have to use a car to go to work with, you want to be as conveniently close to work, as possible. Traffic can be horrendous, especially in peak times. If you plan on using public transport, you are better off to look for an area where you can be close to a train station, rather than a bus or tram, as these use the roads with all the other traffic to slow them down.

Hope this has helped.


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Gavin, Mara's advice is spot on. There are so many different things to consider before moving from South Africa into a certain area in Melbourne that you cannot possibly know if you'll be happy there in the long run. Traffic, distance from good schools and work is a biggy here.

Rent for the first few months and you'll be right. If you can sign a rental contract for 6 months initially, even better. Bentleigh seems like a very nice neighbourhood to me. I'd live there anyday. There are so many different lifestyles connected to suburbs in Melbourne. If you come here straight and buy property immediately, there is a strong chance that you may end up in regret.

To tell you the truth, we are spoilt for choice here. :unsure:

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Hi Gee, we live in Bentleigh East. We enjoy the suburb so far. I have heard that the schools here are excellent, McKinnon primary and secondary. We haerd from Aussies here that people move to Beneleigh East to put there kids in McKinnon Secondary.

The zubarb itself is nice and quiet. Close to everything, the beach and town. The houses are mostly ols houses and if you are looking for a modern house, you probobly have to buy and old one and renovate it. I see a lot of building going on here.

The train is also a direct line to the city and other main business areas. It is also close to Chadstone shopping centre (I'm sure you know that and other big shopping centres.

Good luck house hunting.

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