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Looking for Design Draftsperson position

Johan Venter

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Hi there

I'm living in Perth. I have been retrenched at the beginning of December 2008. I tried to find a job but with no success. I do have my PR Visa. I'm a Mechanical Design Draftsperson with experience in Solidworks, Autocad and Microstation. At this stage I will do anything just to have a income.

Anybody that knows about an available position or hear about one can contact me.

Thanks for your support.


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Hi Johan

You most probably have already tried these sites but they usually have good results and search across many other sites:



It seems like they posted a lot of positions in you line during the last few days.

Hope you get something soon.



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Hi Johan,

I have a job alert coming everyday from recruit.net, and I have seen your type of job advertised quite a bit on that site.

Try them.

Good Luck

Let us know how you going.



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Thanks to everyone that helped me find a job. Thanks for the input and the replies that I've received. Thanks for the prayers, best wishes and the support. South Africans are good, loving and kind people.

The company that brought me over 3 years ago heard about me and contacted me. I went for an interview and the job is so to speak in the bag. I'm just waiting for the contract.

I'm a very happy chappie.

Thanks to the forum

Johan and family

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