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Hi...I am new(realitively so)


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I have been lurking and reading incognito over the past few months.

I bit about me , I live in WA and have done so for about 9 years.

All I can say is how fortunate the new arrivals or prospective new arrivals are to have this wealth of knowledge at your finger tips.

So good luck to you all in the process


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Hello there

I agree with you completely, we came over 3 years ago, I wasn't aware of the forum then and really could have done with some of the support and good advice freely available on this site.

That is one of the reasons I like to " pass it on", I don't want anyone to go it alone, much harder that way!

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You are right, this forum is wonderful (other than being rather addictive!) and has been a real mine of information.

I love it!!

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HI Sandgroper.

Glad you decided to come out of hiding, you must have a wealth of knowledge you can share with everyone here.

Welcome aboard mate!

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Hi Sandgroper,

Welcome, and I am sure you have seen the Braai's that are organized a few times for all the Saffers, please join us as well and come meet some people off the Forum.

Who know's you might bump into an old neighbour from SA.

Anything is possible.



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