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Many of you know that we'll be in England and Europe for nine months next year.

We wondered if our kids would live in our home, or if they would be off and away, studying in the Eastern States or just choosing to live elsewhere next year. . . . so, Ginnie got the estate people to pop in and guestimate what we'd be getting each week for our place.

I was gobsmacked at the cost of renting a place in Adelaide . . . . . all over Australia, even . . . . since we last rented a house off my brother-in-law in 1994 to 96.

It was $140 a week then!

We're still in the throes of asking our kids if they want to stay here, or do other stuff with their lives next year.

However, if we disappear to England in early Feb, we can't leave the place empty for nine months.

This is our dilemma at the moment


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HI Bob,

I love your place, wish we lived there.

Merry Christmas to you and Ginnie and all your family, hope you have a lovely Christmas together.

Wow, 9 months in the UK and Europe, look forward to hearing all about it as you go.


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Hi Bob

My brother has state sponsorship to South Australia and will probaly be moving over early in the new year - will also show it to him - it is beautiful - and can relate all the open spaces as we live on 2,5 hectares next to the river in South Africa.

We are looking to sell soon so we can move as we are on our way to Wagga Wagga NSW on a 457.

Enjoy your trip abroad

And look forward to hearing all about your journeys.

God Bless

Brenda , Nick and kids

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