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Melrose High School


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Hi fellow Canberrans - Im hoping someone can help me out here please.

I am not sure if I should send my kids to an independent school or not. In SA they attended government schools. So I have no problem with state schools. However, people on the forum mention that if you live in a good area, the state school will be good.


I have only been in Canberra a few weeks - it took my husband ages to find a rental because of the way the rental market is - so we certainly could not be choosy about where we wanted to stay. We are living in Pearce, in the Woden Valley - I dont know if the area we live in is classed as good or bad. We are very happy here and the people who live here seem like good decent folk. When I went to our local school which is Melrose High I was taken aback by the appearance of the pupils, and also their behavoiur. Maybe Im being old fashioned and showing my age !!! My husband tells me to get over it as teenagers will be teenagers. My daughter is a very quiet sensitive type and I really am worried about her.

My husband has spoken to people at work about the school and they say its fine. Am I just worrying for nothing ? I dont know many people here yet and have no one to really ask.

Does anyone have any comments on this school - if you want to keep it private please pm me. Thanx.

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