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Phillip Island


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This is the perfect place for camping and exploring was a real treat. One side of the island there are big waves and on the other side it is nice and calm like a lagoon.






Hubby was very impressed because they had races that day.






Guys scuba diving, the water is crystal clear but ice cold.








The Koalas came very close. The guy in the black jacket is hubby and he could almost touch it.




Camp kitchen with stove, microwaves, toasters, coffee machines,etc



Bridge that links main land with island.







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Dis ongelooflik mooi! Australie het soveel mooi plekke, kan nie wag om almal te ontdek nie, dit gaan seker die res van ons lewens vat.

Ek kan nie wag om my 1e koala te sien nie, sal maar moet dieretuin toe gaan om 1 van naby te sien. Ek hoor van mense in die omgewing wat hulle sien, maar was self nog nie so gelukkig nie.

Mooi fotos!

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Polly maak 'n naweek daarvan! Daar is so baie om te sien en te doen. As julle hou van kamp, gaan kamp in Cowes, daar is omtrent 4 parke.

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Nie braaf genoeg om te kamp met 'n baba nie :huh: Weet ander kry dit reg, maar ek is nog nie reg daarvoor nie ;) Sal een oggend vroeg ry en die dag dar spandeer. Sodra sy bietjie ouer is, dan gaan ons definitief 'n naweek daarvan maak.

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Dankie vir stunning foto's TrudieD!

Tussen jou en Polly hoef ek Melbourne nie te veel te mis nie - so lekker om dit hier te 'sien'. :lol:

For those keen on visiting Phillip Island (an hour and a half from Melbourne CBD), this website is excellent: Visit Phillip Island - click on 'Transport' to see the many different ways (ferries, bus, helicopter, by car, by bike, by boat) of exploring the island and getting there in first place.

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Hi All

At the bridge where you cross over to Phillip Island (San Remo) - they have pelican feeding time daily at - it is normally 12pm.

This is really great to watch.

There are tons of things to do at Phillip Island - you cant beat going to see the little penguins - penguin parade

What happens is at dusk they swim out from teh surf and do the mad dash or parade up the shore to their burrows - normally this is a risk for them when they are vulnerable and open to attack by predators. It is really cool to watch how they send in a recce penguin to scout out and then calls teh others in and they land in squadrons and mad dash up the shore.

Amaze n' Things - this is great value for money and alot of fun

Good website showing all teh other stuff you can do at Phiilip Island - It is close enough to do a day trip and enough to do to spend a week on holiday down there. We have gone every year for at least a day outing - I highly recommend a trip to Phillip Island



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We went to the chocolate factory but they were refurbishing it so it was very deurmekaar and dusty. The cholates are a bit expensive but hey ... you only live once!

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I think we will keep our Phillip Island visit for February when the superbikes are there :lol:

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They have a chocolate factory!!!!!! I am there first chance I get :whome::D

Oppas!! Hulle is baie duur!!!

Ons is gelukkig - het vriende met n strandhuis in San Remo... net aan die kant van die eiland... hmmm was al daar - sal seker weer in Januarie gaan!!

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What fantastic pics. This is one place hubby can't wait to visit, they also hold track days like at Kyalami and you can hare around at great speeds. But I'm so excited to see all the other things to do with the whole family too! Can't wait to see it for myself!

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Hi Nes, is your hubby a biker? We are most likely going to the WSBK compo at Phillip Island at the end of Feb.

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