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:hug: Hi there!

I have asked a few questions on the forum, but have not made my entry here yet!

Yes we decided to emigrate only AFTER we left SA. We realised that when the frog is in HOT water, the frog adapts and adapts when the water gets hotter!! Only when we were in a new pool all together we realised that one should be able to be free, with no bars, etc. etc. We realised that it IS WRONG when people take your things etc etc.

We visited OZ this year for one month. We lodged the application for PR in March 2008, have passed IELTS, had the skills assessment, saw our agent in Sydney, and BELIEVE that we will be in Oz by Dec 2009. Our PR should come through by ....March 2009.

Another reason for my post is, we are going to SA tomorrow. Have not been there in nearly 2 years! It will take about 30 hours from here to our place in Camps Bay. I will miss reading this forum! I trust that we will get a CO in the mean time. We will be doing the PC in SA now on our visit.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Great 2009. I trust that all your dreams will come true! Until we meet again ...on the Forum

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Hi 'HouseInOz',

I like your frog tale, the only problem is that when the water REALLY gets too hot, where does froggy jump to? You guessed it, into the fire! LOL! So gotta get out of the pot now...

Hope you have a wonderful visit, and good luck with your plans!


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