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I can see Clearly now

georgie 1

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Sipho had a girlfriend, Lorraine , very pretty & he liked her a lot.. One

day Sipho went to work & found a gorgeous new girl had come to work at his office, named Clearly. He was quite smitten with her & she was very interested in him too. But Sipho was a loyal man & wouldn't do anything with Clearly, while he was still with Lorraine.

He decided to break up with Lorraine & get it on with Clearly, but he

couldn't bring himself to do it.

Then 1 day he & Lorraine went for a walk along the riverbank, she

slipped & fell in2 the river, the current carried Lorraine off & she drowned. Sipho stopped for a moment by the river, & then ran off smiling & singing & smiling & singing. What was he singing, you ask???

I can see Clearly now ....... Lorraine is gone....

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