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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer


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Hi Everybody,

First time on this site and I would like more information about obtaining my Australian Aircraft Engine and

Airframe license (convert my SA license). Has anyone done this before? How should I go about doing that? I'm currently a Permanent Resident in NZ and planning to move to OZ.



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If you are living permanently in New Zealand, at the moment, are you currently working on aircraft and using a New Zealand certificate or licence to perform your work?

If so, any professional or trade qualification will be accepted and exchanged without further ado for an Australian equivalent.

There was a memorandum of understanding signed by all of Australia's States and Territories in 1999 that professional qualifications or certificates (e.g. teacher's registration, nursing registration, etc.) and trade certificates would be "accepted" by the appropriste trade or professional body in another State or Territory throughout Australia. New Zealand signed this memorandum in 2000.

Essentially, it means that if you have a New Zealand driving licence, teacher's registration, electician's certificate, plumber's registration, etc. etc. you can just exchange the same for an equivalent to be able to work in the same industry or profession in any part of Australia and vice-versa.

One thing is that permanent residency in NZ may not allow you the same in Australia, so you'd have to check up with Australian immigration about that. NZ citizens can rock up and stay any time they like however.

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