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Fingerprints for South African Police Clearance

Almost Aussie

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Anybody done this before and know a quicker way of doing it?

The Federal Police in Perth has a 2 month long waiting list for fingerprints. I believe some local police stations might sometimes do it as a favour but not a rule.

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Sorry Mate, I tried Karinnup station and they refered me to AFP in Perth, good news is they are very efficient and even had a form I was missing,

but try make sure you get all the forms before you go. My app. got to Canberra in about a week, took 2 weeks to get to correct department and then takes 4 mnths to get to SA and be processed. I hope I've got it all right 1st time.

Just as a comparison, a collegue is Canadian and it took him ....wait for it.... 1 week to send hang on, his Australian drivers licence and a Canadian Id card that's all to the consulate and they sent him a new passport! No finger prints nothing. They did however do a Retina scan the last time he wanted to enter Canada from the USA reckoned his Id card which they issued of course, could be forged too easliy :-)

O well, I took a philosophical approach and just book the AFP appointment, lucky I don't really have any rush to leave Australia hey :-)

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The metro police stations are VERY reluctant to help you regarding fingerprints, maybe if you explained it's an emergency and you can't wait two months they might try and help you? Or maybe phone around and see if there isn't at least one station in the metro area that will do it.

Maybe also ask the AFP if they ever get cancellations?

I do know that the rural police have no problem doing it, so if you were FIFO or going on holiday, you would be able to do it there.

Not much help I am afraid! Hope you come right!



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AFP in West Perth is very efficient and its only a 2 week wait to get prints done. They have all the forms, or you can download them off the web.

If you know a cop or know someone who knows a cop, you could get them to help out. mates of mine did that.

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our local police station dont even have the facility to take fingerprints...i couldnt help laughing, cause the lady on the desk said she could handle anything, she would even rather do an arrest than do fingerprints...

i wonder if she even knows how to do an arrest..the police station herre is so quiet..its like a library..and only work office hours, close for lunch, and fridays at 12...

i was going to wait till new year to make an appointment in 'big'town, but after reading all these waiting times maybe i should phone and book now....

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