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Unsure about emigration or to go back?



Good evening Forumites (yes we have evening already here in Asia)

Just to add my 2 cents worth:-

BEFORE you emigrate, remember this:-

If you are very close to family and see them often (ie every week) then you need to think again

The success of an expat assignment or emigration depends 70% on whether the WIFE/GIRLFRIEND is going to be happy (or make it work)

Be 100% in agreement on the decision, respect differences, forcing your partner will not work in the end

If by 10 months you want to go back, DO NOT, it is scientifically proved to be the time that expats/immigrants have had the honeymoon period and go through the U curve. Give it a few more months (at least 3) and then reevaluate. Remember your initial reasons for leaving

Going back sounds, great, but in actual fact going back never is the same as before. Remember ALL countries have their problems.

Then from personal experience I think:

If you unsure, first do an expat assignment overseas (might not be your first choice country) BUT that way you can:-

Earn hard currenncy and SAVE SAVE SAVE

You have a safety net, if it does not work out, you can return, company sponsored for the cost of return AND you still have a job in SA

You can reassess your reasons for wanting to leave SA

You can gain some International exposure and the blinkers comes off

Your children will be exposed to other cultures, and you can see if they will cope. (if children are unhappy, Mom is also unhappy)

Be realistic about your new country and NEVER criticize SA (it is still our birth country)

Be open to new cultures, beliefs and understand that cultures are different (celebrate the differences)

Know that the first two years will be difficult, but have the faith that you will prevail in the end. The human being is the most adaptable of all beings.

You can do a course in Johannesburg (ggogle them) to assess/prepare yourself for emigration - tests are available to establish whether you will make it in another country (it is worth it)

Most of all - Once you have made the decision - just do it - don't think too much......


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A lot more than 2 cents worth!!! Thanx, really makes a person think. It's so true that men adapt easier, and keeping the wife happy is soooooo important...

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I said it before and I will say it again...



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I agree with the idea of working overseas for a while before you make the big step to immigrate.

And yes the blinkers definitely come off. For me this is the third country to be living in apart from where i was born, so it is not such an issue.

Moving around has become second nature, not by choice but because my parents were expats for a number of years and i got to see and experience a lot.

I think that being exposed to these different cultures and ways of life had a very positive effect on shaping me as a person. Now i am looking for the next

chapter in Australia and can't wait :)

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I cannot argue with those sentiments, as an emmigrant myself I know from experience what it takes to make that move to another country! When I came here to SA I had very very little knowledge of where I was going, But I just knew I had to go...there was something within me that was calling for new experiences and new challenges, as it turned out 20 years later the challenges have now become a problem, so I will up stakes and move on to the next set of challenges in Australia.

This time with the fore knowledge of what it is about, and the emmotional baggage ahead that I can expect! does that make it any easier? NO!! uprooting your life is not something anyone takes lightly, but you have to focus on the reasons why you are uprooting and move forward from there. A challenge once in a while keeps you alive, and right now I feel very much alive!

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