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Hi guys

Im just wondering, in Auckland there are a few SA shops where you can go and buy proper boerewors and koeksisters and stuff like that. And on Saturday mornings there are boerewors rolls at Fred's Fine Foods. Is there something similar in Sydney?


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Hi there

It looks like there are restaurants serving African food in Sydney Africanoz

There are a few Sydney butcher shops selling boerewors listed here SA food

I just love the funkymunky site.


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I love the biltong and droëwors at Springbok Delights, 656 Mowbray Road, Lane Cove (Sydney) [www.springbokdelights.com.au/contact_us.php]. They also sell all other kinds of SA goodies. You can also buy SA stuff at Bianca's Grub Store, 532 Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay. David Jones (in the city)'s Food Court down stairs also sells biltong and droëwors, but wasn't spicy enough for me. But go visit all the places. There are plenty to choose from!

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Angela at Satooz www.satooz.com.au has a lot of SA goodies

For SA wines, google the Cape Club, I ordered wine and windhoek recently

Apparently in Lane Cove and Neutral Bay in the lower North shore there are shops as well. Unfortunately I don't have their address.

Ditto Springbok sells very nice sticks o and www.biltong2go.com.au as well, quite spicy if you like

Happy eating :unsure:

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