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SA ladies in Sydney


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Hi all,

Please add me to any get togethers in and around Manly and the Northern Beaches.

My husband and i arrived in June 2008 and are in Manly - loving it!!!


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Hi, I can relate...arrived in Sydney in June, hubby and my doggie were waiting for me...now its 2 months and I would love to meet up with other SA ladies!

I'm in Wahroonga, but would love to meet up for coffee.

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Hi DBurton

You live just round the corner. My mom arrives tomorrow but when shes gone I will give you a call and arrange a tea. There are tons of us around and we see each other all the time. Bookclub, beaches, parks, dinners you will soon find tons of friends.


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Hi there! We are also arriving in October not knowing anyone! I would really be great to meet up chat and relax...I have two children - my daughter is 5 in November (starts school next year!) and my son will be 2 on 26 December. I would really like to meet moms (or anyone!!) as soon as possible and maybe have some kids around for a little party for my daughter's birthday - even if it's just a play in the park with a cake... - she is asking me the whole time if she will have a birthday party in Australia :ilikeit: . Shame.....

We will probably settle in the Hills area, but I'm sure it doesn't matter where you are?... :ilikeit:

Please keep me in mind!!

Thanks everyone!

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Hi ladies,

Looks like I'm the odd one out. I live out in the west ( West Hoxton - near Liverpool)

Anybody out my way?

Would like to meet up with some ex South Africans.

My email address is: lynettej@live.co.za

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