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Christmas decorations


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Melbourne has an advent calendar at Federation Square. Saw a tree, but didn't get a nice pic of it


Stars on the tram lines


Stars on lamp post


Hopefully someone has some nice photos to share?

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Thanks for all your pics, Polly. They are much appreciated.

If you can, how about pics of the Myer's windows, please? Each year they are decorated with a different theme. It is one of Melbourne's Christmas traditions.

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These unfortunately aren't so great. My battery went flat in the camera :ilikeit: Have some on hubby's cellphone but forgot to download them. Will post them as soon as he's back.

The theme is from a book called "How Santa Really Works" http://www.amazon.co.uk/Santa-Really-Works...w/dp/1416901507

The first window:




Inside Myer (bought some new batteries, but wasn't prepared to queue for the windows again - about 15 minutes)

The little train





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Polly it all looks so pretty.

Would love to see it in real life some time.

I do not know if it is just because I feel so happy and secure ( safe ) here, but I am really loving the Christmas atmosphere here in Oz.

I just LOVE walking around all the shopping malls - ' window shopping ' at all the Christmas decorations and gifts that are on display.

The shops are so crowded, but it is still a pleasure to be a part of all the ' hustle and bustle ' !!!

We can safely walk around, without having to cling tightly onto our handbags and parcels, and the kids can run around freely without us having to watch their every move.

It just all feels so happy and exciting !!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Season.

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Thanks so much, Polly. They are stunning. I am so pleased to see the theme.

When I saw the windows 2 years ago, the theme was Wombat Divine. An Aussie Christmas story for all the little ones - prescribed reading for them! :blink:

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