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Along the Nepean Highway: Mentone, Frankston, etc.


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We took a drive along the Nepean highway. Lots of stores along that highway. Not much to see until you get to Frankston.




Drive-through liqour store


Some houses. Some are built next to a little river and the houses have small jetties with little boats...







Clubhouse / restaurant sort of place on the beach



Frankston beach. Seemed to have a sailing training session going with Lasers for the students and the teachers in motor boats.











The road











A church


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Hi Polly,

Thanks again for all the wonderful photos. We're also on our way to Melbourne depending on how things work out. Your photos really gives a good idea of how Melbourne and surrounds look. Thank you very much. It helps to know how the place you are moving to looks :angry: Keep them coming.


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Glad it helps. I remember looking for every photo I could find just to get an idea of what the place looks like. All the suburbs 'feel' very different, but each feels familiar in a way. I am sure you will find an area you like quite easily.

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Polly, you are such a star! I always love your pics but these were really great as we are looking at settling in Frankston. What were your impressions of the town? We come from the eastern cape and always wanted to raise the kids in a little town by the sea type of place. Does it have this feel?



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I loved the whole 'yachting on a Saturday'. I grew up sailing dingies a lot, but it was mostly on the local dam. We did some yachting on the ocean (used the yachts from the military yacht club). I truly love the wind. :censored: The beach is beautiful, with a bit of a cliff on the eastern side. The houses on the eastern side of Frankston seemed much bigger and 'richer'. Beautiful places with well-cared for yards and high fences, especially up the 'hill'. I think it is more for privacy than security though. Lots of trees and green around. Quite a few waterways that lead into the ocean there. People were walking even with the 15knot + wind.

The shops are clean and neat (nothing dingy at all), though we saw a few of the small ones empty. Don't know if it is because it is a new development. The area definitely has a 'newer' side and an older side. We didn't really go into the side streets. Mostly did the main street and the beach. I loved the houses bordering the little river. The little river runs parallel to the beach. There is a row of houses between the river and the beach. These houses seem to have private jetties with little power boats that they use to get onto the ocean. Quite a few jetties on the beach as well. Saw at least one larger powerboat launching. Some beautiful parks and playgrounds for the kids. The nicest I have seen so far, but we were traveling to fast and my pics were completely blurry of those, sorry.

The place feels almost like Mosselbay, though quite a bit smaller. It is relatively close to the city if you want to take public transport (apparently some sort of express train). I must say I didn't like the suburbs between Frankston and the city that much though. I think the places take quite a beating from the ocean and upkeep will be quite a bit. To be honest, Williamstown had more of a small town feel, even though it is closer to the city. It might just be me though... Frankston feels like it is a young town that is growing rapidly.

Don't know if this helps. Hope it gives you a little idea. MAybe someone else who's been there recently as well can describe it better.

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Frankston is undergoing a bit of a transformation. In the past it's had a bad reputation, in terms of crime, vandals, etc (well, for Australian standards anyway).

Nowadays, just about every area around the bay in Melbourne is growing, and property prices have shot up - everybody wants to live by the beach. Along with all the homes that are being built and refurbished, comes local development in terms of the roads, sidewalks, beaches, infrastructure.

To me, Franston at the moment is half nice and half rough, (some good areas and some bad areas) and it's about finding the good areas to live in. I predict that in a few years time, once the undesirables start realising that they can get a fortune for their houses and land (which they bought cheaply years ago) and sell up and move out, making way for the better educated, better citizens, it will be a great place to live.

I always say that if I had a spare half a million $, I would buy in Franston tomorrow.

My 2c. Hope it helps.

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Hi Polly

Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. You are the forums "resident photographer" now.

Please keep them coming. I love looking at them.


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We are staying in Frankston South, in a unit about 700m from the sea. Across from our house there is a nice park and a footie field. It is lovely in Frankston, we really enjoy it here. We started looking at houses to buy, because we can see ourselves settling here.


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Please post some pics here. A lot of people are considering Frankston. I upload my photos to Photobucket, then paste the %7Boption%7D links here. Then forum space isn't a problem.

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I posted some pics on the Settling In Topic. Struggeling to post pics, give me some time, I'll work on it.


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Good Day all,

Moved from Cape Town 4 Months ago. My Husband and I came over on a 457 Visa. We have a rented space in Frankston. I must say we chose wisely. We are near to 2 shopping Malls. I am still a bit homesick , I think its because I am not working alone by myself all day. Its so nice to know that there is other South Africans living in Frankston.

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Yup, the original thread is ancient though, that's probably why...

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If moving to Frankston bear in mind that the commute time to Melbourne CBD is quite long. About 50 minutes on the train and longer in the car in peak traffic.

It still has a good and a rough side.

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Hi Polly

I cant see the photos for some reason. We are hoping to move to Frankston in the next few months. I was there for a visit in March (my sister has been there 30 years - and I stayed with her). I loved the area and feel confident about our move - is there any advice you can give us in the meantime regarding what to bring over and what to leave behind - we need to start making decisions re appliances, furniture etc. I would love to see your photos.



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