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Moving to Tonga and selling everything


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We have decided to move to Vava'u (Tonga). We've bought land there a year ago and thought it is a good idea to go and experience the island life. Unfortunately, my 457 visa was cancelled and we don't have any other options to remain in Australia for longer than another 2 weeks from today. Going back to South Africa is not an option for us and taking the furniture to Vava'u is way too expensive.

We are selling the following items:

1 X Ford Falcon Forte Auto (White)

2000 model; A/C; Cruise control; Full service history; Rego until Aug 2009; Free bike rack and number plate. $4,500

1 X Sansui 42" Plasma

2 years old and still in an excellent condition. (New was $2000) Asking $700

1 X Lounge suite

1 Year old. White leather and still brand new. 3 Chairs are recliner types. (New was $2,500) Asking $1000

1 X Large Fridge

1 Year old Fisher & Paykel. Silver. (New was $2,200) Asking $1000

1 X Beautiful Middle Eastern lounge suite.

1 X 2 seater; 2 chairs and 1 footstoel. Asking $250

1 X Relaxing coach

Blue and made in the Middle East. Asking $100

2 X Leather black bean bags

Beautiful and very strong. Asking $500

1 X King size base and mattress

1 year old. $250

1 X Queen size base and mattress

1 year old. $200

1 X Beautiful bedroom suite

Manufactured in Mexico. $600

1 X Dryer and automatic washing machine

9 months old. $200 each

2 X Girl bikes

Both 1 year old and hardly used. Their prices new were $600 each. Asking $300 each

2 X Men mountain bikes

Older bikes and used a lot of time. Asking $50 each

2 X large Camel skin lamps

Manufatured in the Middle East and very beautiful. Asking $150 each

Many persian carpets bought in the Middle East.

Asking $250 each

Various Tools

Electric saw; drill; tool box; hammer etc. $150

Many other smaller items such as 2 microwaves; cutlery; pots, pans etc.

I can email pictures of the above items on request.


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There is 1 more item:

1 x 6 seat dining room set. Bought in the Middle East. High quality and Very beautiful. $500

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Hi James

We are arriving on the 14th and would definitely be interested in a few of those items. I will PM you if you dont mind emailing me pics of the items?


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Bit of topic but this reminds me of the last time I've been in Oz. Met someone from one of the South Sea islands (can not remember exactly where he was from) in a curio shop in Sydney. We where talking about immigration and he said that he was not going to be like the rest of his family. "All they do the whole day is sit on the beach and drink beer."

But quietly I was thinking to myself - Sitting on a tropical island and drinking beer the whole day vs working in a stuffy old curio shop - what was he thinking!

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Dear Jamesb

Good luck in Tonga, I hope you are happy in your new place in the sun...talk about a seachange :lol:

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I would also like to advertise our rental home on the Central Coast. The details are as follow:

Rent per week: $280

Address: 5 Coogee Rd; Point Clare NSW

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Garages: 2

Large living areas

Views on to Brisbane waters. Cul de sac street. Very nice and safe area.

The train station is 6 minutes walk. Here is the link to the agent contact details and more details on the property:


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I've managed to sell everything!!! :rolleyes:

A special thank you to Shelley and Anthony who bought a number of items and also for referring your friends!!!

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All the very best for your new exciting adventure. I wish you and your family all the strength and happiness in the world as you begin this new chapter.

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Did you then end up selling that white lounge suite to someone else?

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I did.

I thought you didn't want it anymore. I haven't heard from you since my email on 1 Dec where I've provided you with the links to 5 local storage contractors for quotes as well as asking you for your mobile number so that I can send my bank details to you.

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Ah I see that now. We have been kinda busy with another international move of our own. No worries. Probably best because Im not sure where we would have fitted it!

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