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Hello everybody! I'm new here...


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Hi there to you alll!

I'm new here, so not quite sure how things work... I have recently decided that I would like to immigrate to Australia, Perth. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!!!

I'm a personal trainer and sports masseur, and would like to continue working in that field in Australia. If anyone can give me advice on what visa would be best or who I can contact, please let me know!!

Looking forward to hearing from you! :lol:

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Hi Oros

Welcome to the forum

There are a few different visa option you could look at. The first thing you should do is read through the www.immi.gov.au site. You'll find plenty of visa info there.

Unfortunately, I don't think you'll qualify for the 175 Permanent Resident visa as your occupation isn't in demand. For the 175 visa you need to qualify with 120 points, which are mostly skills based. Have a look at the skills list I am attaching - and you'll see what point s you get for your occupation.

Also on the immi site, you can start by doing the online points test, to see if you qualify.

You may qualify for the Regional or State sponsorship. Again check out the immi site.

Alternatively, you may be able to find a job sponsor for a 457 visa - but with the current economic climate, that is most probably a long shot.

So, my advice is to read, read, read until you find the visa info you need.

At the same time, start applying for your unabridged birth certificate - it takes 3 months.

Also start gathering your work references.

Best of luck with it all,



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I am also moving to Perth, have a look at the Australian Sport Institute as my niece is a sports therapist and they are maybe going to sponsor her over.


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Hi Oros, and welcome. Good to have you here. Maybe you can help us all lose some kilos for those stupid medicals. Any questions, feel free to ask.



And Leigh MC: Nice post! Good on ya for taking the time to write that all! <_<

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Welcome Oros, as Leigh says start reading!!! and good luck with your application once you decide which visa you need.

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