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Medical Aids, Gynaes and C-Sections

Die Krugers

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Hi there

I really hope someone can help with this, as I haven’t been able to get any definate answers on this topic and it’s quiete important to me.

Firstly, let me tell you what our situation is. I am a mom, almost 32 years old, my little one is two years old. Next year we want to try for the second one, and have been postponing so we can have the second baby in Oz. My daugter was born per C-section because this was what we decided, luckily I had a nice pregnancy and no complications so we could choose which way, normal or C-section, and I have not regretted it ever since. Now our visa is taking ages, we’ve sibmitted 10 months ago and haven’t heard anything yet, hopefully close! So next year we want to start trying as soon as possible, as the gap between the two are just getting bigger and bigger! Next year September she’ll be 3.

Anyway, so I want another C-section for the next baby, would the gov doctors allow me a C-Section for the second one if I want it like that? I’ve heard that it is possible to have a normal birth if the time after the first one is 3 years or more, which it will be in our case. So I’m just worried that they will try to force me in that direction and not allow a C-section even though that is what I want. So if this is the case, then I would have to be on private medical aid, where apparently you can choose your gynae and choose to have a C-section.

Now apparently you have to be on the private medical for a year before they cover your costs for the pregnancy, are all the medical aids like this? So we have to wait say 3-4 months before trying, so that we are on the medical aid a whole year before the baby is born. We have been on Discovery for years now, and plan on cancelling only once we’re in Oz, so we would have medical cover up until we’re there. I’ve heard that there are some medical aids where they will pay for your costs if you have been on medical aid up until you arrived in Oz, and then you don’t have to wait for a whole year for them to cover you. Is this a possibility, and do you know some names of the medical aids you can do this on? This would be great, meaning we can start trying even before we land, which will make the gap between the two quite a bit smaller. Also, what would happen if the baby is born prematurely, and then we’ve been less than a year on the medical aid? Will Medicare cover the birth and the premie costs – we will be PR (175).

Also, the government hospitals only do ultrasounds up to 20 weeks, from what I’ve heard. If you’re on private medical, and choose your own doctor, you pay a pregnancy management fee of which you can claim back a portion from Medicare, does the doctor then do the ultrasounds like our gynaes here, up until the end? To me it feels like something crucial, to check on baby all the way through, you never know if something could go wrong - rather safe than sorry!

You can still be a private patient in a government hospital, which is fine with me, so is the private medical then just to cover the c-section and gynae costs, and the other costs are covered by Medicare?

Anyway, long story, sorry for that! I have highlighted the questions in black, please can someone help with this? It would put my mind at ease!

I would really appreciate it!



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Doctors are not very keen on a VBAC. I am quite certain that if you had a c-section the first time, they would prefer you having one again.

Oh, and it seems they don't do as many ultrasounds. Only one or two, unless there are problems.

PS why not just have baby in SA. You might be more comfortable that way, your gynae, your environment...

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I so understand your email - at the time, our ages & 1st born's were the same when we started this process and I was also frantic about having another & when, how, etc etc. We made the decision to wait and now, I am so glad we waited. Don't worry so much, there is a plan for everything.

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I came over 5 weeks preganant about 2 months ago. We came over on a 457 and had all the same concerns as you. We also found out we were expecting one week before we left so we did not have much time figure things out. As we are on a 457 we do not qualify for medicare so I can't help you with any questions there.

What I can say is this:

I also had a ceasar with my first who will be 25months when baby comes. My Gynae (a private Dr here) is not keen on a Vbac and is 100% happy that we casear. I had terrible morning sickness and the first time I saw him (at 8 weeks) he was very concerned for me and the baby as I was badly dehydrated. He put me on medication, gave me his emergency contact details and insisted on seeing me in 5 days. He did a scan then ($130 for initial scan and consult) and he did a scan a week later ($50 consult and scan at no cost). I am seeing him every 4 weeks (consult is $50) and I can have a scan each time I see him for an additional $30. My 12 week consult and scan was $120 - this scan is optional but we wanted to do it to see the baby. He did a 4D scan and we have a DVD of baby kicking and waving. He is great and I am very happy with him ;)

We are with a private health care fund (PM if you want more info) and there was no waiting period with them. :ilikeit: The pregnancy and birth are covered immediately. The birth (in-hostipal and Dr fees) are covered in full and the pregnancy (out of hospital fees) are covered up to 80%.

So far we have had no problems but we have 6 month to go and will keep you posted.

I tried to get as many answers as possible about this before I came over and people were very helpful if they could help. The thing is you really just have to come over and then figure it all out once here. You have to find a Dr that you are comfortable with and have this discussion with him/her. You have to select a private health care fund that will work for you. You have to weigh up your options concerning Private or State hospitals. You also have to remember that this is a first world country and you will be looked after!

I hope this helps.

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Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for the help so far!

I'm really so relieved to hear that the doctors are not keen on a VBAC, that makes me feel SO much better!! One less thing to worry about!

Unfortunately, we cannot have the baby here anymore, our visa is very close to coming through, and we will have to be over by May '09 when we have to validate. I was thinking of trying to get pregnant before we go over, if we don't need to wait for a year for a medical aid to cover our costs, so I am really glad to hear that it is possible. Kirsty, I will PM you about your medical, would really like to know more!

If there is anyone who can help with the rest of the questions, it would be really great!! Especially how the Medicare system works, I've heard you get some sort of rebate if you go private?

Thanks for all the help!!


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