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Our trip to Deep Creek Conservation Park


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Hi everyone,

Inspired by Bob's beautiful pictures, I've decided to add my own of a trip I did with the kids to Deep Creek Conservation Park, near Cape Jervis on the Fleurieu Peninsula. The park has breathtaking views towards Kangaroo Island and just stunning natural beauty. It's only just over an hour's drive south of Adelaide. :) We picnicked on Blowhole Beach - in splendid isolation, only the birds and kangaroos as company - magical!


Blowhole Bay


Deep Creek Views to Kangaroo Island


Kangaroos at Deep Creek


The road down to Blowhole beach


Road in Deep Creek towards Yankalilla


Rock formation - Blowhole bay


Mallee bushland


View towards north from Second Beach - SA


Second Beach - Cape Jervis in the distance


Deep Creek kangaroos


Hier's nog een -

Panoramic taken from above Cape Jervis towards Kangaroo Island across the bay

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Those photos deserve to be on a calendar.

Have you scored a job with the Sth Australian Tourist Bureau or something?

Marius and your family will have to let us know when you're camping. Have you tried Mambray Creek yet up in the Southern Flinders Ranges? . . . . only three or four hours up from Adelaide.

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That was last Friday, Bronwyn.... :lol: and yes, the kangaroos are completely wild.

:) gee, thanks, Bob .... no, we haven'e been anywhere else yet :)

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