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Full Day Sectretarial/Admin Position


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There is a position that is available for the ladies and to start ASAP

Job Description

Take stock on a monthly basis

Place orders with South Africa

Take phone order from clients and execute these orders

Control and maintain adequate stock levels

Handele return queries and enquieries and record these queries

Undergo product trainning

Monitor and order office supplies

To mark exams after trainees have completed their training and issue diplomas

Manage normal day to day running of the offcie

Be computer literate and be able to work, with adobe writer,publisher,excel,word,access Act and Quick books

Assist with compling a quartely new letters and other info that need to be sent to stockists

Monitor and handle back orders

Lock and unlock of daily.

This is a prominent cosmetic supplier, lovely people to work for , and a good way to break into the Australian Job market especially if you are finding it difficult to find a job.

Please note that this is not a sponsorship position, you must have the correct visa that will permit you to work in Australia

So if you think this job is for you, please PM me for the contact details.



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I applied for this job as well amongst many many other jobs, and what I cannot understand is this..... How come you never hear from them at all either thanking you for your application but you were unsuccessful, a person just sits and waits to hear, not even a promise of an interview.


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I hope i am not going to battle to find a job when i land, i will even work 3 days a week or halfdays. Anything to just get out the house a bit.

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Those half day and part time positions are the ones that are really hard to come by.

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