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HeinrichG: Trip from Canada to Oz - Rugby


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We are living in Manitoba, Canada. We came to Canada as Permanent Residents and arrived here on 29 January 2004. I am a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Canada (eers NG dominee in SA).

Our son, Paul (born 1988), has been invited to go on a trip of a few months to Canberra. He is going to play rugby in Oz. He plans to leave in February 2007.

This is why I have joined here. I would like to check some things out for him. Maybe he will catch on too... Due to the fact that he only has South African citizenship, he will not be allowed to officially work, hopefully acquiring a Tourist Visa (class 676). With Canadian Citizenship he would have been able to apply for a Working Holiday Maker's Visa. We have not been here long enough (3 full years) to be able to apply for citizenship.

This is my intro to this site, as we (wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter and I) have actually settled in Canada. (Ons het egter ons hele lewe lank tot 2004 in Suid-Afrika gewoon.)

However, if anyone can throw in some tips, we would be very appreciative.

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Hullo Heinrich from Bronwyn in Lynnwood -

Welcome to the forum!

I think it's a great idea to get information for your son. Maybe you should re-do your heading so more people will see it? :ilikeit:

Ek sien hulle 'chat' almal onder mekaar en niemand kom terug na jou toe nie!! :ilikeit:

Bye, Bronwyn

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