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Werner + Renee: HELLO !!!!


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Hi everyone!

I have been using this site for information (and what a wonderful resource!) for a while now but only registered this week.

I am Werner and my partner is Renee. I am an electrical engineer and she is self employed.

Renee and I are planning to immigrate to Australia as soon as possible and we are in the process of getting together everything that is needed for the application. We will be applying for a 136 visa based on my skills and Renee will be included as my de facto partner. We have been living together for 5 years now.

We came back from the UK in March 2006 after having been there for two years. We then were on holiday here in South Africa for 5 months before moving to Johannesburg (Sunning Hill) and starting work again. After the initial reverse culture shock when coming back to South Africa we got used to everything again and just enjoyed it. However now that everything is back to normal and we are working full time again, all the realities of SA are making us "uncomfortable" again. That is putting it mildly.....

We believe that we should definitely not build our futures in SA and Australia seems to be the best option!

Our concerns are mostly the same as everybody else's and having been in the UK for two years we know what this big decision means. We will miss the positive things about SA, our family, friends, familiar surroundings etc. but we know that it will be easy to make new friends and build a bright ne future in Aus.

I am very happy to have found this forum and hope to contribute where I can. This is the perfect vehicle for us all to support, help and encourage each other in a process which is definitely not the easiest thing we will ever do in our lives.

Thanks to you all!


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Dear Werner and Renee,

Welcome to this wonderful forum! I hope you find as much information as you need!

Have a lovely weekend!


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Guest Sunshine Sister

Hi there Werner and Renee,

Welcome to our forum. Having migrated once before will be a very big advantage as you already have an idea of what to expect in terms of admin and procedures. You probably also already have many of the documents needed, which will also save you heaps of time. In thinking that you will adapt easily and make loads of friends in Australia, you are absolutely right, if this is your attitude, as was mine, you will adapt quicker. Good luck with all that lies ahead, we will all be here to help and support where we can. Please let me know if I can help in any way. See you on our forum.


Sunshine Sister


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Hi Werner and Renee :unsure:

Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to share your journey with you. :ilikeit:



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