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What I like and dont like about Perth


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No smoking in public places (pubs, trains, busses, offices, etc) except for designated areas.

Perth is great mate!!!

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I dont have an issue with Ethnicity....infact I have an issue with Saffers that are "try hards" , they try so hard to be "Aussie" , but what on earth is a true Aussie?

I dont like the Saffers that make out they just know it all, and look down upon people...you know like they are some lesser being.

I think you need to embrass the fact that you have a certain culture and be proud of it, and assimilate into the Australian Culture, because you know what most Aussie will accept the fact that you are South African. Its those that look down their noses at others that are an issue for me!!!!

I am not at all embarrased to be a South African. However , I will not look for sympathy because of it. I will always try and learn as much as I can about my new home.

Well said anyway.

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