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Fleurieu Food Fiesta


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With all of this within 10 - 30 minutes drive of my doorstep, how on earth am I supposed to stick to my diet? :unsure: The forces are conspiring against me! :whome: Anyway, I can always tell myself it's the "Mediterranean Diet" I'm on :lol:

Click here:

Fleurieu Fiesta

Bronwyn, the Greedy Goose is taking part as well... ;)

Enjoy looking, but remember keyboards don't deal with drool very well.....

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Annette a diet is obviously out of the question! Rather have what you want, & then next week you can go & have a run on the beach? :unsure:

This 'Fiesta' sounds like such a great idea. Can't wait to get to Adelaide! :whome:

Bye, Bronwyn

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