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If you need a chest of drawers


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Went to the Early Settler Clearance centre today. They are having a sale, but looks like their prices in general are very good. THe current sale is old and discontinued ranges. Some beautiful things there :thumbdown:

You can currently get a chest of drawers for $95 there. They have hardwood wardrobes for $550. Definitely worth taking a look. We got a HUGE bookshelf there for $220.

200 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn

Mel Ref 48 B9

Hope this helps someone :hug:

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Hmm very resourceful Polly.

Thanks for this will go and check it out for sure!

We are actually looking at a bedroom suite with chest of drawers for her and hubby and my room. With no shelves in the robes here in Oz it is an essential!



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Wonder if they are also having a sale at Highpoint!

I am mos on the OTHER side of MLB!!!!! :thumbdown:

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This is a clearance centre. It is only at that store unfortunately. The stock that doesn't sell / is discontinued / etc. is sent to this warehouse and then sold at a discount. They do do deliveries (thank goodness, since the things are quite a big bigger than our car could take, and we have a Kia Carnival).

I would really recommend you then go take a look. Sorry, I don't have a scanner or I would scan in the pamphlet for you :)


Mustang bedside tables : $130

Hardwood display cabinet: $490

Recycled Pine

2 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe: $470

2 Door Wardrobe: $470

5 or 6 Drawer Chest: $290

7 drawer chest: $390

Buffet & hutch starting at $490

Deluxe washstand: $99

Granite wine sofa table: $340

In white they have a Bonaparte range

Bedside: $90

Also have a Charleston range in brown wood :)

Queen size bed $499

Bedside $199

7 drawer chest: $699

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Was thinking Nats, you should maybe first go to Highpoint. They have so many furniture stores there, you will probably get something nice there for a good price. They didn't have a good selection of bedroom suites (basically only one or two types of beds).

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Thanks Polly - yeah I will check out Highpoint first then I might have to take the tent and start asking people in the East if I can camp out there as I spent most weekends int he East these days lol


Thanks again for the info will definitely go check this out over the weekend!


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Nats, are you serious? The wardrobes don't have shelves??? Yet another thing I haven't thought about!

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