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Ajay: Hi everyone!


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Thanks to Dedrei, Hendie and the rest for making this new forum possible!

I've been in Sydney for 3 months now and used the old forum extensively to get info and make decisions - I relied heavily on Riekie during that time, and know the value that a good forum can add, so congrats for getting this going!

I'm here to return the favour - throw any questions regarding making the move to Sydney (with a family) my way and I'll always try give honest, well-intended advice.

Looking forward to hearing from all the oldies! :rolleyes:

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Welcome!! :D

Hope you love it here! This site wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the support from some of the members of the other forum :rolleyes:

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Hi Ajay - good to see you're also here! I'm very excited about this forum - I'm even taping CSI (one of my not-to-be-missed favourites!) so that I can spend time on the new forum. I'm sure you can already add a lot to this forum from your own experience - it's amazing how quickly you adjusted to life in Australia, you're a motivation to everyone out there still making the leap and wondering if they would cope. Hope to see you around a lot!

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