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How do you get a job in Australia?

D&S - Perth

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Hello All

We have already applied for our 176 visa, it has been lodged on the 4/08/08 - now as I have guessed is the long wait... :thumbdown:

In the mean time we would like to start to apply for jobs ............. is it possible to apply from SA with out being in Australia? and if so ........... how do we go about it...... :blink:

We are comming out for a 2nd visit on the 15th October - 31 October for the sole purpose of looking for a job...... and hoping to get a 457 visa in the mean time...... Hubby is well qualified - Boilermaker/ coded welder and have a successfull TRA already.

We would really apprechiate some advise from the forum......... :ilikeit:

Regards and thanks

Derick and Simone Bristow



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I suggest you start checking the following job websites, you can also check the yellowpages for the category of companies that would employ somebody with your hubby's qualifications. Most of the job ads will tell you that you already have to have residence, ignore that and apply anyway, but with your covering email, mention that you would need sponsorship.





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