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Pay it forward system going?


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I once read that some parts of Aus has support material in the form of kitchen material etc for use in the beginning stages...a pay it forward system...

Do you know of something like this in the Perth area? We are going to Mandurah in January and will not take a container....any help regarding the survival kit available?

Hope to hear from you soon...


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pm enrica, she is the one to talk to. Lucky to be going tn perth, there is a very good network of forumites! Good luck!

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Hi Banana Girl

Hopefully someone will be able to help you out.

I proposed the following at our coffee morning yesterday to the ladies and asked their help.

Any dishes/cutlery/crockey/pots and pans they they dont want/use etc any household items kettles irons etc instead of handing them to the charity shop if they could contact me, I am happy to up emergency pack bins together for new arrivals.

I personally have been doing this for a while, but there are so many new arrivals , that I dont always get the "stocks" back in time so now I have asked the other Saffer to help out.

One of the ladies that lives SOR has started a coffee morning their and I asked her to perhaps start a similar network.

I am sure that I or someone else would be able to help out, just keep an eye on the forum.

When it is organised , it will be posted!!!



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Hi BG,

I also arrived in Perth, without a container (with 8 bags to be more precise) so I know the stress, of trying to THINK of everything you need never mind the actual BUYING of it :blush: Are you renting a house from the time you arrive, or are you staying in temporary accommodation? Alot of temporary accom does offer you the basics, especially the bigger items like fridges, washing machines etc.

I think that the best thing you can do is perhaps, list the things you think you would need (do it now, because trust me its hard to think about spatulas and teaspoons in the midst of Christmas, goodbyes and flight schedules), post it on the forum and that way people can see whats needed and put it aside for you. Especially if it goes beyond the dishes/crockery/pots and pans that Enrica has already listed.

I echo what Enrica has said there are SO many saffers arriving and one person can't do all of it! I am happy to help organising emergency kits like above, and also perhaps help with things like a kids toy pack or two, to keep the little ones also happy till the container comes. I also have a smallish fridge that I can lend out and an extra patio set, till diningroom tables and outdoor sets arrive in containers.

Perhaps the hosts can create another group heading called PAY IT FORWARD, where people can list what they have to lend out, or people can post what they need? In the mean time maybe other Saffers in Perth can post extras that they may have to lend out?


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