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Battling to fins a launderette in Northern end of Melbourne


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I arrived in Melbourne last week Wednesday. I have brought enough work and casual clothing for at least a week and a bit, but have been searching to no avail for a launderette since I arrived and am starting to worry that I will be running out of time. :blush:<_<

I stay at the moment in Campbellfield area (no laundry facilities where I stay). I searched high and low in and around this area and even tried the Yellowpages, but the only areas that I could find them in the Yellowpages is St Kilda, South Yarra, Central Melbourne and the closest in North Melbourne... all of which are ridiculously far (time wise more than distance) to go just to have my clothes washed. :rolleyes:

To buy a washing machine is a little out of the question at the moment, plus I would need to buy a dryer at the same time.

Can someone please help me in the right direction with this one? :blink:



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You might try with dry cleaner shops to get some direction as they seem to be everywhere. They directed me at the time of despair to Syndal laundry facility. It is some 10 min drive from my place and probably very far from yours.

good luck


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Hi Arno

The following, are probably the closes to you, just double check that they are a laundromat and not a dry cleaner.

Broadway Laundrette

208 Broadway Reservoir VIC 3073

ph: (03) 9462 1622

Melbourne & Metropolitan Laundry Service

Reservoir VIC 3073

ph: (03) 9462 1622

Reservoir Laundrette

208 Broadway Reservoir VIC 3073

ph: (03) 9462 1622

White Kitten Laundry Service

Shop 4, 95 Bell St Coburg VIC 3058

ph: (03) 9350 4498

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