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Opening a business before ariving


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I have a website development and hosting company with a couple of Australian customers. I would like them to buy their services from an Australian company rather than an SA company. Most of them use paypal or credit cards to pay me and I can get an Aus bank account to transfer the money into so that is no prroblem but I would like to register a business, pay tax if needed etc. The fact that I am not in Aus is immaterial as far as the running of the business is concerned. (This is the start of PLAN D and will provide extra income if either PLAN A, B or C work anyway)

I have been battling to find info on opening a business without going to Aus and was hoping someone might have any hints or links.


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Hi Jonathan

Keep all options open, you might still end up on a 163.

You can be non resident & a shareholder but I do know you you require at least 1 Australian Permanent resident as a director I would suggest appointing an accountant to check into it, someone who is resonably familiar with SA forex rules would obviously be best ...

I will PM you a couple of names once I receive them from contacts that side

Be well


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Hi there

Please pm me if you would like the e-mail address of our accountant here on the GOLD COAST. He registered and set up all our companies. he would also advise you re: residency requirements.

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