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Melbourne in Winter


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I am writing this post from non SA perspective, as I am originally coming from Croatia. Still I would like to use this opportunity and share my first impressions of Melbourne in winter.

I really enjoyed South Africa - Pretoria, and can not say I didn't like the climate, howevever, I really didn't like the winter, as I found it to be too cold and difficult to live in the house. Had a heater in "every room" with huge electricity bill and gas heater following me everywhere. I looked like an Eskimo in SA, and probably was the most dressed person in whole of Pretoria. Then in te middle of the day, when it warms up, I have to take off layer upon layer...

Also found the dry climate make me age way to quickly ( OK the real reason for ageing was not the climate probably, but simply time), and on top of everything, I really didn't like the dry look of nature.

Winter in Melbourne is quite the opposite. I can not say I like the wind, but the rain is OK, and I really love the green parks, Mt Dandenong, flowers and all the colours. It is stunning, and I really enjoy taking long walks and the nature just surprises me. Hope it lasts for a while, all the colours and flowers, as it is a sign of life and new beginnings. Maybe someone can shed some light on this "spring look in winter", and tell me a bit more if this is normal for Melbourne and will it stay like this for a long while? I heard a rumor, that summer is dry and everything looks dead.

I also like the indoors. Our house has gas ducted heating, and it makes my life really great ( still didn't get the first gas bill.. so maybe will have to rewrite my post). Everywhere you go it is heated and slightly colder weather is not a problem. I prefer this more winter feel to the weather, where temperatures don't go into 20s in the middle of the winter, however there is sunshine ( not every day, but a lot more than Europe in winter), and one can still do a lot of outdoor activites if you choose to do so. Admittedly I still look like Eskimo in all the clothes, but there are others that look just like me :rolleyes: !!!


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Oh didl, I must say I really do not like winter but hey I have survived quite a few so we will make it through this one as well hehe :rolleyes:

For me it is sunshine and swimming and doing outdoor stuff in the sun!

Come on summer!!!

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Yeah, I like Melbourne's winter compaired to Pretoria.

At least when you dress in 4 layers you stay in 4 layers. No, just a joke all the saffers that is still to come. You don't need 4 layers. I dress the boys in a vest, t shirt like top at home and when we go out I put their jumpers on.

My kids also battle to wear shoes in the winter and walk bare feet at home but I insist they put shoes on when we go out.

Things are a bit opposite here like didl said. In summer the lawn dies and you harly mow, in winter you have to mow. I must say, our garden guy comes ones a month and it is more then enough. Not worth it to buy a lawnmover and diy.

But, after saying this all, I still can't wait for summer even if it hits a mighty 4 0. Bring on the sun. Hierdie wit walvis het son nodig.



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