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Teaching in Queensland


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Hi all,

I am hoping someone can help out from the Queensland perspective, I see so much about South Australia on the website...

My wife and I are looking to come to Brisbane. The company I would work for would cover my 457 as well as hers.

She has a Masters Degree in English Literature and has taught at secondary schools for about 3 years. She does not have a teaching diploma (eg HDE or PGCE).

What would she have to do in order to be able to apply for a teaching position?

Thanks in advance.

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My wife is the same. She has 13 years teaching experience but no HDE or PGCE. She has a 4 year B.Mus degree and diplomas from the UK.

We contacted the Queensland department of Education and have downloaded the relevent forms to register with them. This involves a valuation

on her experience. Her IELTS scores are great, so hopefully all will be OK.

I started a group on Facebook called South African teachers moving / moved to Australia

The group has lots of links and other info.

The direct link is http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=10996018090



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Thanks Sean,

Would I be right in saying that she needs to do the IELTS, and then simply apply with Queensland department of education?

Could it be that simple?

PS : I grew up in East London, love that city...

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