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South African paediatrician


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Imagine my surprise when my baby's paediatrician turns around and speaks afrikaans to me :whome: Yes that's what happened to us.

Took baby for 6-8 week check up this week and now I can report back to you.

She is very nice and friendly. Felt strange doing a consult in Afrikaans in Australia.

I trust my gut feeling alot when it comes to doctors and I like her...if that means anything. :rolleyes:

Here are her details for anybody interested.

Dr Alide Smit

Suite 210

Joondalup Specialist Centre

Joondalup Private Hospital

60 Shenton Ave


Tel: (08) 9400 9822

Fax: (08) 9301 1335

If anybody should be interested please note that she only works on certain days, so book well in advance if possible.



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Hi there

Does anyone know a good peadiatrician in Sydney or North Shore area...we are arriving In Aus during the year and I have a 3 year old on chronic medication. One of the first things I have to do is get him to a pead and get his prescription as we are only allowed to leave the country with one weeks supply!! Unfortunately he goes through a bottle of meds a week!!

Any suggestions?? Also any advice on registering for medicare??

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You can try Dr Anthony Underwood. He is a Paediatrician. He works at the Pymble Grove Health Centre in Gordon phone +61 (0)2 9418 1388 fax +61(0)2 9418 1418. I usually see Dr Richard Schloeffel. He works with him. Both of them are great doctors.

I got to run still need to do heaps of work. Got an assignment due on Monday. I have assignments due every two weeks this year so its a bit crazy on my side.

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