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Bob's travels across N.S.W. and into Q'ld


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With the advent of flight travel across Australia's Outback, there began other ideas, such as Rev Dr Flynn's idea of a "flying" doctor service for all those Aussies miles from any township that might need regular or emergency medical treatment.

1925 saw the beginning of Dr Flynn, a Presbyterian minister, using QANTAS to ferry patients and doctors around the Outback.

Flynn's idea of a flying doctor also involved the need for a wireless transmitter to call up. Simple wirelesses were made up and sent out to hundreds of properties across Queensland, to top of South Australia, Northern Territory even into Western Australia.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service became the catalyst for educating kids on remote Outback stations (ranches) who wouldn't or couldn't get to any school nearby.

In 1951, the School of the Air began using the Royal Flying Doctor's wireless sets for the kids to call up and listen to teachers hundreds of miles away in some of the big Outback towns dotted around Australia.

Longreach is the base for south west Queensland covering an area half the size of South Africa!

They have 300 kids living on stations within that area who need the School of the Air for their primary and secondary education.




The studios where the teachers interact with the kids out on the stations



Work is sent in special satchels thro the Post to and from the School.

Some of the children's work



Some of the kids on the stations holding their own "Olympic Games" doing shooting, archery, etc. for fun


the library



the kids travel hundreds of miles / kilometres, at government expense, across dirt roads perhaps, to attend a school session of two weeks once a year. Here they actually get to meet their mates of the air for the first time.

Dorms where they live for the fortnight at school


at school they are put thro a course to teach them basic computer skills, drama and other activities that can't be tackled over the air



and artwork


the kids are asked if they'd like to put their name to a paver . . . . . for old time's sake


the staff


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Hi Bob

I just have to say that I am enjoying every moment of your journey.

Your knowledge of Australian history is phenomenal, are you a history buff?

I am trying my best to read up on the history of Australia, I think I will relate more to the land and the people if I understand how Australia got to be where it is at today, and you can only do that if you look back.

For all South Africans who want a great read and guide to the when and where of Australian history, try to get hold of a copy of this book.

From Dreamtime to the New Millennium: Australia, An Illustrated History, by A K Macdougall, published by five mile press Pty Ltd.

Andrea L

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You're a smart operator, Andrea, because you'll find it that much easier to fit into Australian society and have an understanding of what makes Aussies tick if you have bothered to spend the time on finding out how and where they came from and what has shaped their national psyche.

Smart move!

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Thanks for the info Bob. I've read about this in Bill bryson's book "Down Under" and it's interesting to now see the pics.

Also thanks for the info on the book, Andrea. I agree with you Bob, I think it's necessary to know the history of a country in order to fit in.

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Andrea, that's a lovely book. We have it in the library where I work.

Alternatively, who needs books, when we have our very own local history teacher here in the shape of Bob!

Thanks once again Bob. It's all so interesting.

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Bob as usual you are spot-on, telling us what we need to hear most. In anticipation I have started reading every single fiction and non-fiction I can lay my hands on in the local library to read up on. I can relate so much better to Aus history than NZ. Just a few more months....

Thanks for your stories and journeys.

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Thanks, troops, for your confidence in my ability to regurgitate what I've heard or read previously.

I just hope it's not too far from the real thing.

The main thing is that you guys aren't coming to whole new land, with strange people who speak funny and who you don't understand much.

My mission is to inform. Information is knowledge . . . . knowledge to deal with a situation confidently and knowing you're making the right move in what you're doing. . . . . and I don't believe you'll be disappointed with Australia or its way of life.

Good on ya'

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Thanks for the kind words Bob

I have always had an Australian connection, my Great Uncle Davy left Scotland with his wife and 6 children in the 50's and settled in Sydney, I am fairly certain he was a $10 pom.

He often visited the U.K

I also was lucky to have Australian teachers at school in the U.K.

We emigrated to South Africa when I was 13 and it was a difficult adjustment for me, but has made me recognise that to understand a particular countrys' individuals and social structure, you have to dig into the psyche, scratch under the surface somewhat.

I love people and learning about them and honestly in two and a half years here have felt more welcome and accepted than probably the U.K and RSA- Australia fits me right.

Another source of material has been Judy Nunns books, although fictional her research is factual and historically based, I loved Kal.

I will keep on reading and enjoying your travels too Bob.

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