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El Questro in Kunanurra North West Australia

Queensland Girl

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We have just returned from the most amazing holiday.

To all who fear loss of The bosveld, a hardekool open fire, big boulders, clear waterfalls, sunsets like you cannot believe, 4x4 routes, boab trees,- it is all HERE!

Ok-so not a giraffe/lion etc anywhere, but the wild open spaces that we need are there to enjoy.

Camping is popular, but we stayed in tented bushcamps with our only little en suite bathroom. Hire a PROPER 4x4 as you will be driving some really exciting roads.

The birdlife is amazing.



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Hi Qld girl

Thanks for the photos, looks wonderfull. Can't wait for my turn to get over there.

Can you help me with something else? How do you post pictures so that everyone can see them?


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I reckon a picture's worth a hundred words.

I download my photos off my hard-drive (which I'd put on there earlier from my digital camera) to a website called "PhotoBucket'

I suppose other websites supporting people's photos, such as "Flickr" will do much the same.

After downloading them, I write in SAAustralia and have another window on my computer open to the PhotoBucket page which I've got all my new photos downloaded onto.

I copy the IMG below the photo and paste it onto the page I'm writing up in SAAustralia.

It seems to work for me, and I'm a dodo when it comes to things computers.

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Hi Queensland girl,

Thanx for the stunning pics. Must have been an amazing holiday.

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Thanks Bob

I'll try that.

Sorry for being off the topic.


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Those photos of "El Questro" took me back to last year, when I was up in the Kimberley Ranges of Western Australia, where the holiday site is.

There's a timelessness which I feel in being in Australia's Outback. It's the oldest of Earth's continents and has been around longer than Africa in geological terms, so the landscape is well eroded and flat in lots of areas. When you do get to a region with hills and mountains, they're millions of years old and well worn. It makes me wonder whether anyone else has trodden on the same spot as me, or whether ancient dinosaurs roamed nearby millions of years back in time.

Looking at the photo of the waterfall, you must bear in mind that now is the "Dry" season and in the "wet" it will simply be a raging torrent cascading over the edge. Look at all the dark stains on the cliff face.

You will have paid out big time to spend a week in that joint! I know how much it costs to stay there . . . and it's not cheap.

Have you thought of getting / hiring a 4WD and seeing other parts of Australia, far off the tourist map, where there are no services and no facilities?

Just getting off to Cooper's Creek . . . . a couple of day's drive from the Gold Coast . . . . is well worth a look at this time of year. Take your fishing rod, too and a good book for lazing the days away sitting in the sun. You can even get to it with your regular car (Holden or Ford)

Great piccies!

Edited by Bob
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Hi Bob

Yip-it was expensive, but we were so pushed for time. We did Darwin, Katherine,Kakadu,El Questro in 12 days. We hired the 4x4, but I just could not face setting up camp every second day-thus the accommodation choice.

When we have longer holidays, and not this mad rush, we will actually love to drive there and set up camp for months on end!!!

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