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alastair: Introduction; Applying for a Spouse visa


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I am probably doing this back wards having read most of the posts and then registering and introducing myself.

We are in the process of applying for visa etc, applying for a spouse visa.

We want to settle in Brisbane as we have some family there, some important support structures.

One of the big issues that we have is employment and how long it will take to get a job.

I am over fifty and I am a bit concerned whether the Aussies discriminate against age.

I am an ACMA and I am in the process of getting all my examination results together for submission to the CPA for assessment. Has anybody gone the route from CIMA to CPA?

Schooling is another issue the schools here in Durban North are very good.


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Welcome Alistaire

When you apply for a job you are not obligated to state your date of birth or age. Mature workers are popular with most employers as they are percieved to be more stable, and obviously have the experience.

When you talk of schooling are you looking at State or private?

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HI Alastair,

I don't think you will have any problems finding employment. There is just so much available. I know of people of your age who are getting 457 sponsorships!

Schools are mostly very good, and even the bad ones are in some ways better than the schools in SA. I find the way they teach to be very positive, but it is a matter of choice, and I'm sure you will find a school to meet your requirements.



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Hey Alistair, welcome

Guess you know a lot more about us than we know about you at this stage!

With regards to your age I would not stress too much! Most of the older (over 60) people I know in Aus work. When my mom went went for her first interview she sat there and started making excuses about her age (60 at the time) but the interviewer interupted her to ask if she could start the next day. She's been there ever since and is a highly valued member of staff.

Good luck and keep online


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Guest Sunshine Sister

Hi there Alastair,

Welcome to the forum ! You are in a fortunate position to already have some support in place. I hope you get all of your worries and questions sorted out on the forum. Good luck and welcome again.




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