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Vanie Plaas: Hi from Wimpie and Minette

Vanie Plaas

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Hello everyone. :blush:

My wife Minette and I have recently relocated to Melbourne. We arrived here on the 14th of August and have settled in fairly nicely.

The last 2 months have been extremely busy for us and we apologise for never taking the time to register on the forum. We have however searched and read a lot of posts and have found some very valuable information that has made the relocation a lot smoother.

We are lucky to both work for the same global company; and they were able to sponsor us for 457 visas to work here in Melbourne.

We were both working on assignments in the US when we stated researching the possibility of relocating to Australia. We managed to finalise contracts with the branch in Australia while we were still in the US. We therefore only had a stopover of 3 weeks in South Africa before having to leave for Melbourne. This was a very busy time as we tried to see as many friends and family as possible, while having a lot of admin to take care of. :ilikeit:

Our company arranged for corporate accommodation in the city for the first two weeks. We managed lease a fairly decent furnished apartment in a nearby south-eastern neighbourhood. We plan to stay here for the next 3 months. Our container is just about ready to be shipped from South Africa. We hope that when it arrives here we would be able to move to a 2 or 3 bedroom house in one of the suburbs.

We found it fairly easy to open bank accounts and get connected on a mobile network. We managed to get a good deal on a second hand Toyota. So it helps a lot to at least have wheels to explore the suburbs and surroundings.

As you can see we have settled in rather nicely and we are very impressed with what we've seen about the city and surroundings. We are very excited to see what the future in Melbourne holds for us.

Thanks again for a fantastic forum and for the valuable information that you provide to newcomers. It has really helped us a lot. ;)

A special thanks to Riekie for already welcoming us to the forum.

Kind Regards

Wimpie and Minette

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Hi Wimpie & Minette! ;)

Glad to hear you are settled in well. Hope your stay in in Aus is a long and happy one. Now you can also help other people who are in the process. Good luck with the house hunting, and have fun!



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Hi Wimpie and Minette

Welcome to Melbourne! If there is ever anything that I can help with, do not hesitate to ask. If you ever have the need for a friendly cup of coffee, you are more than welcome. I will PM you our contact details.


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