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sewes: Introduction


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Hi everyone. My name is Sewes and I live in Vereeniging. We have become extremely concerned about our kids prospects (girls 10 and 12yrs old) and are looking for better options. I am a Chief Security Supt at a large mining company and Karen's a Conf and Banqueting Manager at a well known 5 * hotel. I ahve been told that I would find it difficult to find a sponsor to Ozzy? I have been assessed recently and the agents suggested NZ(if I am offered a position).

It is early days for us as we both have elderly parents 70+ it is an emotional time.

My particular proffession gives me insight into a lot of things that are scary however and it is thus a no brainer!

I look forward to the time spent on the forum !

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Hi Sewes

Welcome, I hope that you will find the help you need on this forum!

Perhaps you should look at trying to find a job for your wife and having her sponsored and then you accompany her! I am thinking that with the huge hotel industry we have in Australia, that they would be interested in her qualifications.

Have a look on the following websites



They always say that you have to be already resident or have a visa to work in Australia, but I would try them anyway.

If you go to the following website, it will list all the hotels, with their addresses, you will know their star rating, so try contacting them direct and offering her services, tell them you will need sponsorship.


Good luck, I hope this information helps!


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Hi Sewes, ;)

Mara has given you some sound advice there. Don't always listen to the agents. They told us we would never stand a chance, and here we are! It is a hard, and tiring process but it is all worth it in the end.

Just keep on trying, and send out both of your shortened resumé's to all companies you can find in your line of work. Someday it will pay off. There are so many opportunities available, you just have to find yours!



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Guest Sunshine Sister

Hi Sewes,

Welcome to our forum. I am new to Australia and something that has struck me is how there is space for anyone/everyone who isn't afraid of a bit of hard work. I'm sure things will work out well for you, good luck and looking forward to hearing more from you.




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