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container to sydney/melbourne


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Am desperately looking for some space in a container going from Durban to either Sydney or Melbourne....need 1 square metre of space.....for a tool box.

Have had lots of quotes for air freight but because its so heavy very expensive...

Not fussy about time..

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Hi Lyall,

Why don't you send it "groupage" with one of the removal companies - it will be really inexpensive this way?

We may have overflow from our load and have been advised to go the groupage option, it works well if you don't have a full load or are not in a tearing hurry to get your stuff. Have decided to rather prioritise and flog the excess baggage to make sure we fit into the 20ft container.

Hope you come right, and see you in Sydney in just over a month!!!



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THANKS!! Hope to see you soon, we are going to Georgetown, but my brother stays in Sydney (Belrose..wherever that is) and i am going to stay with him for a while. Havent seen him for 15 years so looking forward to it. He's one of those ex sa guys who just never comes back home....

We arent taking any furniture with us, the company who is sponsoring us has organised furnished rental for as long as we require it, then we'll see from there.

Ive been trying to tell my husband to sell his tools and buy new ones there but he is very sentimental about them..sigh!!

Have you booked your tickets yet, and if you have who with??

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We are taking our good stuff which will be difficult to replace, and of course sentimental stuff.

Appliances, crockery etc I'm getting rid of. Our leather lounge suite is rather bulky, so we decided to sell it - it went quickly and we are now sitting on cushions in the lounge! The TV is sold too, but I asked the buyer to leave it with us till our furniture is loaded on the 28th/29th July. We fly out about a week later, don't have details yet as sponsor company is booking and paying. :ilikeit: Will let you know when I have more info.

We still have quite a bit to sell, including my little Pajero 4 x 4 and I am stressing about this. Haven't found homes for the Staffie and Bull Terrier yet either! Causing me sleepless nights (literally) and lots of tears.

Hubby is taking most of his tools as they are quite pricey over there and he really enjoys handiwork over the weekends. I think he'll be filling about 1/4 container just from the workshop! :unsure:

We are also going into a furnished rental for 2 months, sorted by the sponsor, and will be on our own after that. I think the container takes about 3 months so we will have 1 month "camping" in our own rental while we wait for furniture...oops!

Take care and please do keep in touch.



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we heard from our case officer last week, that they werent happy with the company who is sponsoring husband, regarding the accomodation that they provided, seems like DIAC feel that we would be better off arranging our own accomodation...very complicated...something about minimum wages less deductions..this has put us in a difficult situation as we now have to find our own accomodation , have been speaking to estate agents over there, trying to co-ordinate everything from here like rentals,electicity gas etc...for the first time i felt a bit nervous...

co has advised once this matter is sorted out the visa will be finalized....

thank heavens..

i thinkwe have sorted the tool issue..we have a friend who imports/exports metal machinery and he is going to try and get the tools shipped with one of his containers...the cost is so low..about r500.00 for a ton...as opposed to other shipping companies r6000.00 for half a ton. only thing is it will be 'exported' but the guy is going to try and sort it for us...hold thumbs this works...

will let you knwo how things go...

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