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Health insurance for retirement visa


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If you have an investor retirement visa, you need to provide your own health insurance. Is it possible to use your South African medical aid and extend it to Australia? Or can anyone recommend a specific health insurance scheme in Australia? What are the approximate costs?



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health insurance companies don't always extend across the length and breadth of this big country. some health insurance companies are only specific to a particular State, although their coverage will be Australia-wide.

If we know what part of Australia you're thinking of investing / retiring in, then we may be able to suggest a few health insurance companies that have offices in the State you choose to live in.

"Medibank", owned and operated by the Australian gov't, has offices in each State and Territory of this country, but the premiums and rebates may not be as good as some not-for-profit health insurance companies can offer, such as Medical Benefits Fund (M.B.F.)

Also, a retirement visa is on a 4 year rolling period, from my understanding. If you are too much of a burden in years to come on the Australian gov't, they could just decide not to renew your visa for another 4 year period at any stage. . . . . not the most secure of positions in life, especially as you get older.

Have you thought about investing in or starting a company? Some parts of Australia will take migrants up to 55 years old.

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Jules, thanks for the links. Their online quote calculators are excellent!! ;)

Bob, thanks for the additional info and the additional info on the retirment visa. I am asking on behalf of my parents in law. Yes, the visa is only valid for 4 years. They want to settle in either Adelaide or Perth. The plan at this stage is that we will be going over on either a 136 or a 457 and a 136 later on and will hopefully be in a position to sponsor them before their 4 years expire.

Some parts of Australia will take migrants up to 55 years old.

Can you give me details on this, please?

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I believe there's a temporary visa (able to translate that temporary visa later on to a permanent visa possibly) open to entrepreneurs who are willing to start a business in South Australia and Tasmania for migrants up to the age of 55.

Every State will take business migrants up to 45, but because Sth Australia and Tasmania have been missing out on the overall migrant intake during the past 20 years, the Australian gov't has seen fit to extend the age limit for those two parts of Australia.

However, the beauty of it in South Australia's case, is that there is a looming economic boom about to be undertaken in the north of the State with road infrastructure and new towns about to be built to cater for the enormous mineral strikes that BHP Billiton and other mineral companies have come across in the past couple of years with long term prospects

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