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3 men, an Irish farmer, Jacob Zuma and a Boertjie are all granted a wish by a Genie.

Irish farmer wishes that all the land in Ireland will be the most fertile in the world, forever and ever.

POOF, this was done in a flash and the Irish Farmer was very satisfied.

Zuma was next and very amazed and impressed at this display of power.

He started his wish: "I want all the whites to be removed from Africa and a wall must be built around

all of my black brothers and sisters to protect them. This wall must be so high and so strong that

no whites can come into our land at all.

POOF, this was done in a flash. A great wall surrounded Africa . Zuma glowed and glared at the

Boertjie triumphantly.

Boertjie said: "Before I make my wish, tell me more about this wall"

Genie: "Its 5000ft high, 5000 bricks thick, nothing gets in, nothing gets out, guaranteed"

Boertjie lights up his pipe, smiled and said " Maak hom vol water Boet!"

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A man after me own heart tae be sure Boertjie. :thumbdown:

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