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Soon to be Aussies!


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Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce my husband and myself to the forum as we have finally made the decision to move to Oz!

My husband and I are both 27 years old and currently living in Fourways Johannesburg.

My husband is a lawyer and has found a job with a firm in the Sydney CBD. He starts on the 1st of September so let's hope the 457 gets approved before then!

I am a Chartered Accountant and will only be jouning him at the end of October.

Unfortunately our 2 lovely doggies will be stayig behind as we feel the 7 month quarentine is just to cruel not to mention the R50 000 cost of the whole process... :-(( We are very sad about this, so if anyone knows about a loving home for two miniature dachsies PLEASE let us know!!

I would like to know whether other young failry recenlty qualified CA's from SA in Sydney found jobs easily and in what areas you are working. (are the types of positions fairly similar to the ones in SA?)

I have been reading a lot of the topics on the forum and would like to thank everyone as the information has been of HUGE value so far. I hope that we are also able to contribute in the future!

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Hi Kangaroogirl,

We're a group of about 50 Saffers working in the CBD and regularly get together for various social activities or weekends away. There are quite a few working at Deloitte and KPMG, but I think most of them work in audit.

Welcome to send me a PM for more info.



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Hi KangaGirl

Welcome to you and your husband!

Congrats to him on his job - that's great! :ilikeit:

Best of luck to you with the move across - and see you there some day!


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