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Another Saffer ready to go...


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Hi there everyone,

Well, I guess reading this message in the foyer section, you already know that we are planning to take the big leap from SA to SA. That is South Africa to South Australia...

Our little familly consist of me, Jack, my wife, Marlize and our little daughter. Well.... almost our litte daugther. If all goes well, she will turn 0 in two weeks time.

At the moment we live in Centurion, but as so many before us, we struggle to see a possitive future in South Africa.

We had a look at Canada, but are now focussed on Adelaide. The PR process has already started (skills being assessed) and we already have some of the required documentation. But we are considering going over on a sponsored visa before we recieve the 136. (If we can get a sponsor).

Some of the rest of our family on both sides are also considering moving to Australia and each of us have our own issues that will make the applications really interesting...

So I hope we have really patient experts on this site, because we will have a lot of questions!!!

'till later...


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Congratulations with your decision, to join the rest of us in Australia, I am sure it will turn out to be the best decision you ever made!

There are lots of experts here, so let the questions start rolling!


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Hi Jack & Marlize,

Congrats on your (almost) daughter. Good luck for the last few days.

Welcome to the forum. You will find that we are very patient, and we even have a few experts! :D Fire away on those questions, and we will try and help. We came over on a sponsored visa (457), as we do not qualify for some of the other visas. We are still waiting out our 2 year term before we may apply for permanent residence.



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Hi Jack, Marlize and your soon to be born daughter!

Welcome to the forum. We try very hard here to bring as much information and assistancea as possible, so don't ever fel that you should hold back on your questions! Our members come from all walks and have come to Australia via various means, so you should find plenty of support.

If you are considering getting a sponsored visa, then I suggest you post a brief outline of your job experience so that those in Adelaide can start keeping their eyes open for you.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing you around!



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Thanks for all your replies.

And thanks for the job tip, Ajay. I'm a software developer with 8 years of experience - the last 3 in .NET

I believe things will be quite busy untill at least the end of September, but after that I will be seriously looking for a job.

I will post the other questions in the relevant sections.



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