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My name is Brian, and we are currently residing in Boksburg.

Other family members are Rene, my wife, and three daughters aged 13;9;3.

We emigrated to Canada last year, and reurned to S.A. in February this year.

We waited for 5 years for our business visa to be processed, and then after

relocating our household as well as business effects, we lived in Canada for

a mere 7 months before deciding to return, temporarily to S.A.

We have commenced with our State Sponsored Business Visa, and I kindly

request assistance with the following;

We own a CNC machining facility, manufacturing high end components for

various industries.

I have been involved in this industry since 1980.

The question is thus, in which state would an operation like ours stand the

best chance of success.

(With a State Sponsored Business Visa, we have to select a state, in which

we must operate the business)

We have been given a time frame of 6 to 9 months (max 1 year) for the

application to be proccesed. Does this sound correct ??

Thank you,

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Hi Brian

You pose a difficult question, however, if I should hazard a guess I would say that you would be best off in one of the following places, Sydney in New South Wales, Melbourne in Victoria or Adelaide in South Australia. At a guess I would say that these are the three most industrialised cities in Australia, and therefore they should have the greatest demand for your line of business.

If I had to make the choice on the little information that you have provided, I would choose Melbourne, but be aware everybody complains about the weather. Due to sheer size I think Melbourne would be better than Adelaide, and then due to cost of living and rental of business premises and accommodation I think Melbourne would be better than Sydney.

Please ensure that you do your research thoroughly before you make your decision. What I have said is just my humble opinion and I am not an expert by any means.

Good luck with your application and plans.


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Hi Brian

Welcome to the site ...glad to see another 163'er at last ! I am also busy with the application for state sponsorship still & after much deliberation have decided on NSW.

I think Mara has just about summed it up with regards major australian industrialised cities except I would like to add that since each industry/type of business has its particular set of parameters which determine its feasibility only you know what these are. You are probably aware by now that you need to submit research your business plan in quite a bit of detail for the application for state sponsorship, perhaps it would be a good idea to check with a few of the industry associatiations which you want to supply on the number of potential clients (& opposition) in each particular area, I have found the internet an excellent source of info on my particular industry. Try Google Australia & use the "pages from Australia" option.

Are you using an IA ? I read on another site of someone who got the whole thing done in 90 days ! it was to WA from UK but pretty impressive (I have also been told 9 -12 months by our IA)

Look forward to hearing more from you regards how your application is progressing...

That was quite an introduction ! do you mind if I ask why only 7 months in Canada after 5 years in the application process.

_0 aka barnone

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