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Jakes en Jeannine


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Hi there all,

We have just arrived from the middle east where i was on a project there for 1,5 years. I have been back now for 3 months. I found the state of SA disastrous, to say the least.

I have an Aus degree, that I got from Monash SA, my second year I did in Melbourne, and really loved it. Me and my girlfriend have decided to let SA go, because it is not ouers anymore.

Well, lot of hard work ahead of me, as I am the primary applicant, and going as a Skilled independent.

Please, wish me al the best.



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Hi Jakes and Jeannine,

Welocome to the forum :boxing: You will find answers to most of your questions here, as well as support from us that have made the big move.



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Hi, welcome. The big schlep of getting all your paperwork together and sent off and all the waiting will be worth it. Good luck.

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Good luck and all the best Jakes. Are you thinking of settling in Melbourne again?

I can not help but agree with you about the deplorable state of SA. I haven't watched Carte Blanche for a long while, but the variety of problems SA encounters seems to grow exponentially. SA is becoming more part of the 3rd world i.e the rest of Africa instead of going the other route of a first world truly democratic country. Enough negative comments about SA from me for now, as I still have to cry myself to sleep tonight. :boxing:

I just say : "Go for it and live a happy live"

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