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Need some help!


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Hi there lovely people!! :cry:

I have a special request and just need to know if any of you know anybody that does this. :ilikeit:

As you all are aware my two beagles are in quarantine in Sydney. As we are in Cairns we are not able to visit them or take them for walks, etc. The quarantine station also doesn't have the manpower to walk all the dogs they have there and this worries me. I need someone to visit them once a week, take them for a walkie there and just to give them some attention and love. :wacko::) They can be visited during the day up to 3.30pm and appointments are neccessary.

They are in Easter Creek, which I believe is near Blacktown. This is West of Sydney CBD.

Any referrals of dog walkers or any info that might help, would be so much appreciated! Trying to organise this from Cairns, proves an impossible task. Or if there are any volunteers. Please PM if you can help at all in any way.

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Hi Dedrei

I did a "google" and was amazed at the amount of information that came up. Give it a try.

I typed in " pet walkers sydney"

Good luck!


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Guest SonjaPri


I only registered and found this site now. Four of my animals are coming out next Friday and the other two in the next 3 weeks. I wish I saw your request earlier because I could have helped. In the meantime you can sent me an authorisation letter to present to the quarantine station requesting that I take your dogs for a walk at least until my babies are all out. I know how you feel and it is terrible to think that they must stay in the cages most of the time. You can send the letter to my email address: *removed*.



Edit by Dedrei - I removed your email address for privacy reasons and to avoid getting spammed. Members can be PM'd privately with email and contact details and to protect privacy.

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