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why did the chicken cross the road?


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Why did the chicken cross the road?

ESKOM: I do not care as long as he saved 10% electricity crossing the road.

KINDERGARTEN TEACHER: To get to the other side.

JAN F.E. CELLIERS: Dis die hoender, dis die pad, dis al.

NATANIEL: Ek was vreeslik op my nerves vir sy part tot hy anderkant gekom het. Ek dink dit was stunning.

NAAS BOTHA: Aan die einde van die dag maak dit nie saak hoeveel Keer hy oor die straat is nie. Wat saak maak, is die telbord.

NELSON MANDELA: It was his long walk to freedom. A true Rainbow chicken.

PIETER-DIRK UYS: Was dit 'n he-chicken of 'n she-chicken? Does it Pik?

ALLAN BOESAK: How can the motives of a chicken who had done so much for chickenhood be questioned? It must have "struggled" to cross the road.

DULLA OMAR: I am sure the chicken is innocent. He did what he did because of apartheid

NGCONDE BALFOUR: The government will ensure that a fair quota of black chickens cross the road as well. Why should black chickens remain

On this side of the road? I only watch black chickens crossing the road anyway...

TREVOR MANUEL: Makes me think: we don't tax chickens crossing roads yet....

VAN SCHALKWYK: Let's join the chicken and cross the road!

TONY LEON: No matter where the chicken goes, we have the guts to fight back.

DESMOND TUTU: We should have crossed the road with him. Together we will make a difference

THABO MBEKI: I don't really have an opinion about this...

MARK SHUTTLEWORTH: I would have paid a million to see the chicken cross the road!

MUGABE: Stop that chicken! It must be repossessed together with the farm it belongs to. And the farm on the opposite side of the road, where

It was going, and all the chickens on both farms. Repossess it all. And it's nobody's business what I do in my country. It is Britain 's fault for

bringing chickens here anyway.

JACOB ZUMA: The showers were across the road

MANTO: Whish schicken (hic!) - I saw many ...pink shikkins


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